Monday, 20 January 2014

A trip to Bizerte

We took another drive on the weekend to a place called Bizerte and we saw interesting agricultural farms and wind farms along the way!

Bizerte has a bridge into the town that opens and closes and we were advised by our very nice landlord/neighbour to make sure we are not stuck on one side or the other while it is opening....

We weren't....

We had a nice lunch at a very touristy spot in the 'old port' area.
The food was excellent and the huge quantities made it our dinner too!

A teenage boy had at least one of his hollow legs filled with delicious seafood in this boat turned into a restaurant.

Not everyone looks at the camera!

We weren't allowed to go on the top of the boat but it was cool to have lunch inside.

It was such a lovely afternoon we decided to check out a local beach we saw on our way into the town (and get back across the bridge while we could!)

This is the beach we found (no cats for Kaitlyn but she built a castle instead of making another new friend!)

Some others choose to skip stones...

Someone else had some time for quiet reflection and sea shell collection!
Even I took a stab at a beach selfie!
It was a lovely afternoon at the beach the water is still not quite warm enough for swimming even for crazy Canadians!
We saw a shipwreck in the distance....
But I think it has been there a long time..

We headed back to Tunis and we hope this week will be the start of school for everyone and that we will start to meet people here and settle into a more 'normal' and not holiday routine!
Sending you sunshine from beautiful Tunis!

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