Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Weekend trips

Last weekend we set off to Hammamet for a look at the beaches and resorts.  Hammamet is the big touristy destination from Tunis.It was a beautiful day and we saw some weird advertisements on our way.  

And some cows and sheep by the side of the road.  Flocks of both seem to wander through the city keeping the grass clipped and fields fertilized. 
This is a view of a mountain Kaitlyn wants to climb.....
but I think she will find it is not that interesting.....

Some boats on the beach.
Keegan and Kellan on the beach.
A fishing boat and a old fort behind it.
Kaitlyn with a tumble weed.
Mr. looking cool.
Keegan has sand in his hands.
Kaitlyn takes a dip in the Mediterranean.
Kaitlyn has some pottery.
Keegan looking on the beach.
Kaitlyn and Kellan make a sand castle.
Kellan and Kaitlyn looking for decorations for their castle.
Some boats fishing.
Lovely palm trees on the beach and a gorgeous boat.
More boats.

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